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The Importance of Self Esteem

Self esteem is an important topic because it affects the types of decisions you make. Having a healthy regard for yourself will be reflected in your daily decisions. Having a low self esteem will also show in your decisions because you will make ones that don’t value your heart, mind, and body. For example, a person with high self esteem would not take on a babysitting job on a day that is already jam packed. They would understand that they need down time, time to gather their thoughts, and a healthy meal in the middle of a stressful day. They would say no and take the necessary time out for their health. It is vital to take care of yourself because no one else can or should.

God does not want you to compromise His perfect plan for you. He wants you to value His gorgeous creation (that’s you!) and follow His will for your life. He loves what He made and wants you to love it too! God has adopted those who have accepted His son, Jesus, as daughters. So, if you’re the daughter of the King, you have a whole LOT of value. God has filled us with every spiritual blessing (Ephesians 1:3), has a great plan for each one of use (Jeremiah 28:11), and has seated us in the heavenly realms in Christ (Ephesians 2:6).

For some, learning your worth takes time and effort. Meditating on what God says about you in His Word should be your first course of action. One method I used that was effective was writing down 10 attributes about myself that were positive. Two such characteristics were “I am nice” and “I care about people”. As I listed these out, I began to see a clearer picture of myself (not just the negative). When I was finished with my list, I read it to a woman I trusted. Seeing the list on paper and then showing it someone else cemented the fact that my personality is balanced and I do have things to offer other people.

Remember, God made you unique, special, and just for His specific purposes. Celebrate your great worth

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