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Finding A Local Church To Join While In College

Sometimes in college, it’s hard to find reasons to get involved in your local church. Sundays can be a time for sleeping in, studying, or hanging out with friends. I know when I went to college, I didn’t think I needed to go to church because my parents weren’t around and I still belonged to a church back home (though I went there infrequently!). I now know without a doubt, that I would have made better choices if I had been involved with a church on a regular basis. It would have made a big difference to have a community of believers – young and old – to bounce ideas off of and a pastor who I could talk about with theological questions.

God loves His church and enjoys when we worship together, take communion, and serve each other as one body. College life has so many changes: different classes, different professors, summers off, degree switches, roommate arrangements, and job dilemmas. You could decide your life’s occupation and even choose your spouse in college, so going it alone is not the wisest course of action.

Finding a church near you while in college and afterward will benefit you in many ways. Pray before you search and even pray for a friend to search for churches with. When you find a place you like, call someone back home and invite them to attend. Your family and friends will see your maturity as you step out in faith and begin defining yourself as an adult. Godspeed!

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