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We Are All Rescues

Many dog and cat owners take pride in adopting a “rescue” animal. These animals most likely have been abused in their innocent lives and may have multiple issues that need special attention by their new owners. A person can find rescue animal shelters by searching online and even look through pictures of animals available for adoption. But what about you and me – are we rescues? Do we need someone to save us from the abuse we’ve suffered and nurture us back to health? Do we need someone to love us and call us their own?

Romans 5:12 states we are sinful because of one man’s bad choice, but Romans 5:17 tells us we are all made new by faith in one man’s perfect sacrifice. This was no ordinary man of course; the man that came to save us was God’s one and only Son, Jesus. Jesus was 100% God and 100% human and He came to rescue us.

Imagine for a moment what your picture on a rescue website might look like. I know that before Christ got a hold of me, I was lost and not a picture of peace. I think my hair might have looked a bit messy and my smile indicative of my heart’s poor condition. My age would have been “25 years old” and my description would read, “self-centered, afraid of intimate relationships, and will bit if you get to close”. Thank you, Jesus, that you had compassion on me and took me in. I love you!

Romans 5:12

Romans 5:17.

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