God Or Money – But Not Both

I was recently struck by the exclusiveness of whom we serve. We can either serve money or we can serve God, but He says that it cannot be both. Therefore, a decision has to be. made by every individual at some point in their life. Money, though a form of power, is merely the means by which we exchange goods and services. God (as if I need to make a case for Him) is a living, eternal, and all-knowing person.

I think the reason that God has to lay this out so plainly in Scripture (Matthew 6:24) is because money gets us what we want when we want it. Money is tangible and people of all creeds, colors, and ages readily accept it; and it appears that the more you have, the better people think of you. Money can make us look good, feel good, and give us a false sense of security.

Now what about God? We are told to wait on Him, to have a healthy fear of Him, and obey Him. Let’s face it – that sounds alot harder than just taking care of our own needs. We have to wonder if He has heard us, if He cares about us, and if He is faithful. The trade-off thought is a higher-quality life, more joy, more peace, and a relationship with our creator. The trade-off is that we get what we really need and we get what is best for us because God can see the whole picture.

Have you ever wanted something that you didn’t get, but in the end you are glad you didn’t get it? I think it’s important to know that God wants what is in your best interest and can be trusted. Take a moment to thank God for being faithful to you. And Merry Christmas!

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