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A Special Day For Celebration – Do You Have One?

Joshua 24:15 ” As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

I love this story of Joshua in which he makes a bold statement of his dedication to God and tells the Israelites to do the same. Joshua urges God’s people to choose which side of the fence they’re on and to make a decision to serve Christ for once and for all.

Even if your church never has an “altar call”, you can still choose to give your life to God in a special time between yourself and God. You may be a new Christian or have been a believer for years, but if you have never set yourself apart for God, now is the time to do so. Tell God that you are His and that you want to do His will every day for the rest of your life. Call a friend and tell them what you did and celebrate!

The point to all this? It is to have a concrete moment in your life that you can be sure you made it clear to God and yourself that you belong to Him. When I did something similiar to this, my life changed dramatically. I no longer could be apathetic about my faith – I felt energized to serve God. I wasn’t drifting through life knowing I believed…I was committed. I said “Here am I, send me.” (Isaiah 6:8). God did send me and I have been holding up my end of the deal. It is sort of scary to tell God you’re His and that you are “all in”, but baby it’s worth it!!

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