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Looking For A Sale?

There are many sales out there today, but God is having one that’s better than the rest. Through Christ, God is reconciling every believer to Himself for free!! There are no Sunday ad or coupons that you’ll need, just a heart that is ready to finally surrender itself.

Since the first sin, God has longed for His people to be reconciled to Him. I love Merriam-Webster’s definition of reconcile – “to restore to friendship or harmony”. We can definitely say we fell out of harmony with God when we took what He said to us in the garden, and did the opposite. It’s hard for people to accept that they are sinners and in need of the grace that only God can give. It is hard because it places them in a position in which they are not the authority on their own life and they need something from someone else to survive. They have to accept that they are not “top dog” like they had once thought; and I know personally how difficult that decision is (though worth it a million times over).

Once a person understands and fully accepts God’s position in their life, a strange thing happens. They are filled with peace and love and they believe they have, through Christ’s death on the cross, been forgiven. Life no longer seems so burdensome and a glorious future in heaven now waits for them.

The gift of reconciliation then must be passed on. For each person who has been reconciled to God, that person now must be reconciled with his/her brothers and sisters. Asking for forgiveness and restoring broken relationships is the automatic response for a heart that has received a pardon. Being forgiven and forgiving sets us free to be all that we were meant to be.

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