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Not Complain…Really?

“Do everything without complaining…”

Philippians 2:14

Have you ever tried to live out Philippians 2:14? Have you been able to successfully complete a day without complaining? I have not. Even if I spend the whole morning and early afternoon without complaining, I will inevitably bump into someone who is talking badly about some situation in their lives. In an effort to empathize, I will end up joining in and letting the person know I have been in a similiar situation and know exactly how they feel. Then afterwards, I want to kick myself for getting dragged in. It is so frustrating!

This got me thinking…what is the problem…what skill have I not yet acquired that will help me guard against negative thinking?? I think I might have an answer – acceptance! When I can accept my current situation, whatever it is, I feel peaceful and have no inclination to blame, complain, or criticize. It is only when I want things (or people!) to be different than what they are that I get to thinking I know what is best and then out come the complaints.

I am realizing it is important to remember these things throughout my day:

  1. I may want to know it all, but I do not.
  2. I can be fearful, prideful, and insecure and so I need to be aware of how I am feeling.
  3. My situation is my situation for a reason, and I need to learn from it.
  4. God can work everything out for His good, and my job is to give Him the time to do it.
  5. There is forgiveness when I mess up.

Learning acceptance and trusting God for all things will be a lifelong journey, I am sure. But at least we can get started now and learn to praise God in all circumstances!

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