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Why Me?

When life has gotten really hard, have you ever asked this question? I have. It is tempting to question God’s plan for our life, even if we lived many years trusting Him. Some days we feel plain targeted by the devil and we are. When we feel overwhelmed, God wants us to press in and overcome. He doesn’t want us to give up. God is refining us in those difficult places to go deeper with Him and love others even more.

Moses and Jonah were also familiar with the question “why me”?

Moses, after questioning God’s plans for delivering Israel over and over, says, “O Lord, please send someone else to do it.” (Exodus 4:1). Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness being prepared to lead his fellow people out of their slavery. You’d think he would be eager to put his new skills into practice – to show off his patience, his trust in God, and his strong relationship with the Lord. What he may have failed to remember is that it would be God working throught Moses to accomplish the entire liberation of the Israelites and that he didn’t have anything to be afraid of, because it wasn’t up to him.

Like Moses, Jonah did not want to be God’s spokesperson in Ninevah. After receiving God’s instructions, Jonah went in the opposite direction. He was brought back in God’s chosen mode of transportation for deserters – a whale.

In sharp contrast to these two eventual witnesses, was Isaiah. Read about Isaiah’s response to God’s call in Isaiah 6:8. You’ll find it a breath of fresh air!

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