• checking wall construction with plumbline

    Building Life God’s Way

    Plumb line (def): a cord with a lead bob attached to one end, used to determine perpendicularity, the depth of water, etc. Dictionary.com http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/plumb-line?s=t A plumb line was used when erecting a buildling as the standard to which all vertical…

  • clock face

    Waiting On God

    What are you waiting on right now? Is there something in your life that you are waiting on God to beautifully orchestrate? Many of God’s great people had to wait on Him for years for their foretold futures to actually…

  • lady relaxing at spa

    Be Still And Know

    “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 – what a great verse! How wonderful to know that God will be exalted in His…

  • question Mark on tree trunk

    Why Me?

    When life has gotten really hard, have you ever asked this question? I have. It is tempting to question God’s plan for our life, even if we lived many years trusting Him. Some days we feel plain targeted by the…

  • looking good in the mirror

    You Are Beautiful And Loved!

    When was the last time you paid yourself a compliment? It can be difficult to think positively about ourselves due to our natural tendency to be critical. We compare who we are with everyone else (or at least what we…

  • thumbs up sign

    Not Complain…Really?

    “Do everything without complaining…” Philippians 2:14 Have you ever tried to live out Philippians 2:14? Have you been able to successfully complete a day without complaining? I have not. Even if I spend the whole morning and early afternoon without…

  • lady giving peace sign

    Be Successful…Even Today!

    How do you define success? We are all working towards a goal or multiple ones, but what does your goal say about you? If your goal is to get a bachelor’s degree in a particular area of study and then…

  • sale sign

    Looking For A Sale?

    There are many sales out there today, but God is having one that’s better than the rest. Through Christ, God is reconciling every believer to Himself for free!! There are no Sunday ad or coupons that you’ll need, just a…

  • ladder up steep cave walls

    Never Give Up

    If there was ever anyone who should have given up on his life’s pursuit, I think Paul would have been the ideal candidate. He said himself that no one could compete with the misery and suffering he’d experienced. (2 Corinthians…