For Kids

Need Prayer?
Are you a tween, teen, or young adult that needs someone to listen and pray for you?

Are you a parent who has a young child who is exhibiting behaviors that you are concerned about?

Or are any of your children experiencing more than normal irritability, sadness, anxiousness, hurt, anger, or sickness?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or have something else on your mind, Kids’ Hub invites you to set up a free, confidential prayer appointment today!!

Just send a brief video (under one-minute) explaining your prayer request to and you will receive a link to sign up for a free 30-minute virtual prayer session.

People who request prayer can expect four things at Kids’ Hub:
• A professional and confidential prayer ministry that intercedes for hurting children of any age.
• A supportive and safe environment for kids and parents to share their prayer needs.
• A Spirit-led prayer and healing session that is both biblically based and kid-appropriate.
• A nonjudgmental space providing encouragement and hope; a place to be strengthened in your faith.