Study 21

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love”. 1 John 4:8

When we read that “God is love” in 1 John 4:8 we get a glimpse of our Father’s heart. What we do not read in that verse however, is that God’s love means whatever you want it to mean. To God, love meant allowing His one and only Son to be the ultimate sacrifice for mankind’s sin. To God, love means allowing people the freedom to choose to accept or deny his love. To God, love means forgiving a criminal hanging on a cross because he asked to be forgiven.

Contrast this with a world who says love is cheap, love is easy, everyone should have love in whatever form they desire it, love does not need truth to survive, love should not be hard work or non-accepting or have expectations and ground rules. In a world where people tell each other and themselves that they are their own god and that “you exist for you” and “what’s the point of living if you cannot be you”, people are absolutely lost because they do not have a relationship with their own creator.

People, young and old, are missing out on being loved and adored by a good and kind Father. This world is bland and dark; we need to bring it our salt and light. We need love AND truth.
You do not have to feel alone – YOU ARE LOVED. You do not have to go around each day feeling exhausted from doing it all on your own – YOU HAVE STRONG SHOULDERS TO LEAN ON. You do not have to go around feeling confused as to why you have it all but still feel empty – YOU CAN GO TO THE RIVER OF LIFE.

God’s love is real and deep, but it is going to ask you to give up the fruitless way you have been living. God’s love is never-ending and on your side, but it is going to ask you to start making decisions that reflect His righteousness. God wants to use you for His kingdom work. Let His love turn your life around and His Spirit give you sweet peace.

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